Xchange Perspectives e.V. (XcP)

St.-Martin-Str. 24 | RGB
81541 Munich, Germany


Germany | General enquiries:
Phone: +49 175 114 569 8


Kenya | Enquiries East Africa:
Phone: +254 727 144 243


Morocco | Enquiries North Africa:
Phone: +212 661 198 688



Non-profit status


The Xchange Perspectives e.V. (XcP) is a non-profit organisation, which is organised as a registered society. XcP was registered in the register of societies at the district council in Munich, Germany, in April 2009. The registration number is VR 202244. The value added tax identification number of XcP is 143/224/70062. XcP is officially represented by its Board of Directors.


XcP’s current head office is based in Munich, Germany. A dependence of XcP in Kenya, under the name Xchange Perspectives E.A. (East Africa), is registered under the NGOs Coordination Board in Kenya as International Non-Governmental Organisation under the Registration Certificate NO. OP 218/051/11-0710/7718. XcP also has a branch for North Africa, based in Morocco. 



Board of Directors

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Leila Bendra-Lehnert
Managing Director


Interested in conceptual development and practical application of peace processes, Leila Bendra-Lehnert has spent the past years investigating the potentialities of peace in the fields of education, gender and media. Her academic background ranges from peace and conflict, communication, political science and international and human rights law.

Felix Hoch
Deputy Director


Felix Hoch, Xchange Perspectives' Deputy Director, combines anthropology and media management expertise with a passion for storytelling. With a background in TV production and entrepreneurship, Felix has implemented impactful projects for XcP in Nepal. Known for his humility and warm personality, he's a valuable asset to our team.

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Monika Lehnert
Finance Director


Monika Lehnert’s keen sense and understanding
of human beings, able to see beyond positions
and opinions down to needs, were cultivated
through a long experience working as a nurse
and social worker. Having been exposed to
different cultures throughout her working
experience, Monika bridges divides, serving the
vision and philosophy of XcP.

Eva Gfirtner
Communications Director


Eva Gfirtner has been working as a documentary filmmaker for various German broadcasting stations. Her work allowed her to travel around the world, covering environmental political and cultural stories. Her work for XcP combines both: her professional knowledge of media and her dedication to issues of peace and conflict.


Honorary Members


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Christoph Kienzle 
Creative Director Rose Pistola GmbH 


Christoph Kienzle is a graphic designer and illustrator, who worked in Nuremberg, Vienna and New York. He worked with numerous world-renowned publications such as The New York Times and the Süddeutsche Zeitung. He has been instrumental in visualising core concepts of XcP’s work, particularly within the Media for Peace spectrum. His continued support is crucial for the ongoing development of XcP.

new opportunities.

Imane Bendra 
Programme Coordinator North Africa 


Imane Bendra is an avid researcher, who has focused on the struggles and hopes of migrants and refugees, in addition to investigating the legality and legitimacy of the NATO intervention in Libya. She has a master’s degree in International Relations and one in International Development.


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Pius Muriithi 
Programme Coordinator East Africa 


Pius Muriithi is a strong proponent of community driven development approaches. He has over 15 years of international experience working with civil society groups, international organisations and local governments in areas of emergency response and institutional development across East Africa.

Owen J. Morgan  
Founder & Director Global Ecology Group (GEG) 


Since 1994, Owen has been fully committed to researching and developing a wide range of eco-technologies – alternative environmentally friendly solutions for the rehabilitation and secondary recovery of industrial waste, groundwater pollution and heavy oil soil remediation. His know-how has been instrumental in meeting real-world disasters with ethically responsible countermeasures.



Team & Members

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Frank Müller
Founder & Senior Advisor


Since 1997, Frank Müller has been involved in different aspect of movie production and his work has taken home in different parts of the globe. From story development and filming, to editing and teaching film students, Frank shows dedication and commitment to his work and the people he engages with.

Henning Grobe
Founder & Senior Advisor


From political science to tax advisory services, Henning Grobe is a lateral thinker always willing and committed to support the people he partners with. Through his wide professional experience and expertise, Henning is able to provide normative guidance, ensuring exactitude and effectiveness.

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Dominik Lehnert
Founder & Senior Advisor


In addition to being the developer of the Media for Peace framework, used in all the media initiatives supported by XcP, Dominik Lehnert has to his account more than 15 years of international expertise in commercial, emergency and non-profit communications, and peace building.

Sebastian Prams 
Founder & Member


In addition to his profound theoretical media background, Sebastian Prams has many years of expertise in film production and post production. He is also a trained audio engineer and musician. This combination gives him a profound base for working in the media development field, making him a valuable member of XcP.