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Uncovering meanings and underpinnings of conflict

22.03.2011 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/media/Articles/Pictures/Conflict_01.jpgAlthough 'conflict' is a word used frequently, its hidden meanings and underpinnings are not easily uncovered. This video, produced by Xchange Perspectives, outlays the thoughts of the 2008 EPU students on conflict, its forms, ways to transform it and the role of each one of us in turning conflict into opportunity.

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Prof. Scott: Media, Democracy and Development

20.08.2009 by Frank Müller

Professor Paul Scott (European University Center for Peace Studies, Stadtschlaining, Austria / Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka, Japan) talks about the modern mainstream media and its correlation to democracy and development from a peace perspective.

Together with Prof. Johan Galtung he has co-authored the book 'Democracy, Peace & Development', published by theTranscend University Press (TUP). The video was produced by Xchange Perspectives.

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Capacities for peace media lecture

22.02.2009 by admin

Building Capacity for Peace Media is an introduction on how to incorporate lessons learned from Peace and Conflict theory and Development theory into the field of communications through the informed use of appropriate media.


Our goal is for greater awareness on how to build capacity for peace and development through media.


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Our project for Peace Building

29.12.2008 by Frank Müller

Based on the lecture of Prof. Jorgen Johansen in 'Peacebuilding - from the Local to the Global Level' this video highlights a project proposal, developed by EPU Students of Fall Term 2008, for Sri Lanka...

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18.12.2008 by Frank Müller

An experimental peace education video created by EPU Students of Fall Term 2008 with the support of Xchange Perspectives.


Based on the World Cafè methodology, this video brainstorm session starts from the question: 'What is conflict?' and expands from there!

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Nuclear proliferation - Prof. Jan Oberg

11.12.2008 by Frank Müller

TMS Peace Journalist Kimberlye Kowalczyk interviews Dr. Jan Oberg (co-founder of The Transnational Foundation of Peace and Future Research) about Nuclear proliferation, the Ballistic Missile Defense Shield, NATO, and the complete abolishment of nuclear weapons for a sustainable peace.


The video was produced by Xchange Perspectives for Transcend Media Service (TMS).

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