Africa (8)

"Looking Closer": Unveiling Current & Cultural Affairs

05.05.2023 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/projects/LookingCloser2022.jpgUncovering West African narratives through Media for Peace: Xchange Perspectives e.V. (XcP) and several West African organisations collaborate to produce 14 short films addressing current and cultural affairs while emphasising the value of peaceful storytelling.

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Empowering Production with Repurposed Equipment

21.10.2022 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/projects/TimorLeste2022.jpgBreathing new life into repurposed media equipment, Xchange Perspectives e.V. distributes it to under-resourced media houses worldwide, fostering local storytelling and empowering communities.

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"Film Forward": Showcasing Resilience and Social Change

22.03.2022 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/projects/FilmForward2021.jpgXchange Perspectives e.V. (XcP) collaborates with multiple West African organisations to create 18 short films highlighting innovation, resilience, and social change, while emphasising the power of Media for Peace in the region.

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"COMIRE": Informing Migrants & Refugees

22.01.2022 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/projects/Comire2021.jpgXchange Perspectives e.V. (XcP) created COMIRE.DE, supporting migrants and refugees through accessible information amid a pandemic in North Africa. The project demonstrates the power of community-driven initiatives to inform and empower even when funding is scarce.

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"Right On": Tackling COVID-19 in West Africa

06.04.2021 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/projects/RightOn2020_PremiereTogo.jpgXchange Perspectives e.V. (XcP) joins multiple organisations across five West African countries to create 27 short films exploring the societal consequences of COVID-19, utilising the power of Media for Peace amidst a global crisis.

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Fostering Unity: Liberia's "Media for Peace Summits"

11.01.2021 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/projects/Media4PeaceSummits2020.jpgMedia Education Team (MET) Liberia and Xchange Perspectives e.V. (XcP) join efforts to address the spectre of election violence in Liberia by organising Media for Peace Summits, offering a platform for dialogue and understanding across diverse communities.

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"Make a Difference" Project Inspires Social Change

21.03.2020 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/projects/MakeADifference_2019.jpgXchange Perspectives e.V. (XcP) partners with organisations across West Africa to train 36 filmmakers in Media for Peace, culminating in six inspiring short films that capture the essence of activism and community engagement.

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A call for humanitarian disarmament

07.10.2015 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/media/Articles/Pictures_Posts_2019/2012_04_27_Children_Playing_Trucks_Yida_Hofer_Marc.jpgArmed violence and insecurity have a profound impact on the lives of millions of people around the globe. It is time to act and to renew global efforts for humanitarian disarmament.

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