Empowering Production with Repurposed Equipment


Breathing new life into repurposed media equipment, Xchange Perspectives e.V. distributes it to under-resourced media houses worldwide, fostering local storytelling and empowering communities.



Team members of Radio Comunidade Lian Matebean (RCLM) in Timor-Leste.
Photo: Ochan Hannington



MUNICH – Since 2019, Xchange Perspectives e.V. has been collecting and redistributing media production equipment to partners across the globe. Media production houses generously provide items they no longer need, which are checked and prepared for shipping by Frank Mueller and Dominik Lehnert. 


This ongoing initiative has supplied dozens of equipment items like cameras, gimbals, SD cards, hard drives, monitors, mobile phones, and light equipment to recipients such as Radio Comunidade Lian Matebean (RCLM) in Timor-Leste and Kiss TV in South Sudan.


Reusing equipment offers several benefits, both environmental and social. By extending the life of media production gear, Xchange Perspectives contributes to reducing electronic waste and conserving resources. Additionally, repurposing equipment helps bridge the digital divide, providing under-resourced media houses with the tools they need to thrive and fostering local storytelling and independent journalism.


In July 2022, equipment arrived at Radio Comunidade Lian Matebean Baucau in Timor-Leste, where our friend and colleague Ochan Hannington from South Sudan works as an advisor. The equipment is used daily and has led to the creation of courses for local youth. Ochan Hannington shared, “Now we are offering hands-on training to students and other community members. We are using the equipment you sent us, and we find it a big boost to our programme. Asante sana [Thank you very much]!”


These repurposed items enable smaller media houses to produce content for their audiences, giving equipment a second life and contributing to local media production efforts. Xchange Perspectives continues this initiative, working towards a more sustainable and equitable media landscape. 


Xchange Perspectives e.V. wholeheartedly thanks all the media production houses that have generously provided their sorted-out equipment and entrusted Xchange Perspectives e.V. with the responsibility of finding suitable partners across the globe. Your contributions have directly supported local media initiatives, enabling them to create and share stories that truly matter to their communities. Your trust and generosity are invaluable in our quest to promote responsible media practices and build a more connected and informed world.


Suppose you are in media production with equipment to sort out. In that case, Xchange Perspectives e.V. encourages you to get in touch, contributing to the responsible reuse of resources and supporting global storytelling.

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