Fostering Peace in Yemen: "Behind the Story" Series


For Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Xchange Perspectives e. V. (XcP) developed a compelling video series to promote peace and understanding in Yemen by offering key insights into conflict resolution and coexistence.



"Behind the Story" video series production.
Photo: Arabia Felix



MUNICH - Xchange Perspectives e. V. (XcP), in partnership with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), has made a significant impact in Yemen through its innovative "Behind the Story" video series. The series accompanied the drama series "The Hero Inside Us", produced by Arabia Felix, which presented six different personalities from Yemeni society who face daily disputes. These characters find diverse means and solutions to end their disputes and enhance societal coexistence.


The "Behind the Story" series, guided by XcP's Media for Peace approach, consists of 10 episodes that delve into concepts of peace, coexistence, and conflict within the context of the drama series. Topics covered include nonviolent communication, the beauty of diversity, and the importance of finding common ground. The videos have garnered over 200,000 views on various online channels, allowing audiences to reflect on their approach to conflict and shift from adversarial to cooperative and nonviolent ways of dealing with it.


Media for Peace, a transformative approach to communication and storytelling, is at the heart of the "Behind the Story" series. By embracing values such as Unity, Diversity, Transcendence, Empathy and Commitment, Media for Peace aims to create inclusive spaces for dialogue and foster mutual understanding. Xchange Perspectives e. V. has applied this approach to the "Behind the Story" series, emphasising the importance of diverse voices, authentic narratives, and constructive conflict resolution.


The project also highlights the potential of media to shape perceptions and influence behaviour. By weaving key concepts of Media for Peace into the "Behind the Story" series, Xchange Perspectives e. V. has successfully engaged viewers in reflecting on their beliefs and actions, ultimately promoting a culture of peace and understanding.


Leila Bendra-Lehnert, Managing Director of Xchange Perspectives, reflects on the project's impact: "I'm incredibly proud of this project. Seeing the Yemeni audience's reactions during the series launch and their ongoing engagement with the content has been amazing. It's inspiring to witness how these ideas – building common ground, togetherness, coexistence, and nonviolent communication – are not just theoretical but have a tangible impact on people's lives."


As a testament to the organisation's commitment to Media for Peace, Xchange Perspectives e. V. collaborated with GIZ to create this project, highlighting the power of storytelling and media to foster understanding and peace. Through the expertise of team members Leila Bendra and Dominik Lehnert, the "Behind the Story" video series continues to inspire and educate audiences in Yemen, promoting a more peaceful and inclusive society.


The "Behind the Story" video series is a shining example of the transformative potential of Media for Peace. By embracing its core values and principles, Xchange Perspectives e. V. has demonstrated the power of media to bring about positive change, bridging divides and fostering a sense of unity and understanding among the people of Yemen.


Watch the episodes: 

  1. Violence takes many forms
  2. The beauty of Diversity
  3. Non-violent communication
  4. Conflict is not always negative
  5. Fake news
  6. Finding common ground
  7. Dealing with root causes
  8. Weapons are the problem, not the solution
  9. Early intervention
  10. Together, we are stronger

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