"COMIRE": Informing Migrants & Refugees


Xchange Perspectives e.V. (XcP) created COMIRE.DE, supporting migrants and refugees through accessible information amid a pandemic in North Africa. The project demonstrates the power of community-driven initiatives to inform and empower even when funding is scarce.



Photo: Chloe Evans | Unsplash



MUNICH/MEKNES - From April 2020 to December 2021, Xchange Perspectives e.V. implemented the COMIRE.DE project (Communication for Migrants & Refugees), a bilingual (English and French) publication to provide essential COVID-19 information to migrants and refugees in North Africa, particularly Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. This project was conducted without external funding and solely financed by Xchange Perspectives e.V.


The COMIRE.DE team, comprising Leila Bendra-Lehnert, Imane Bendra, Ali Rabeh, Hicham Bargui, and Dominik Lehnert, focused on three key areas: COVID-19 Protection, COVID-19 Information, and COVID-19 Press. The publication reached tens of thousands of people, offering vital information and guidance in the face of the pandemic.


Imane Bendra and Leila Bendra-Lehnert, in their editorial, shed light on the diverse experiences of migrants and refugees in North Africa and their increased vulnerability during the pandemic. They emphasised the importance of accessible information and the need for increased awareness of shared humanity. As they put it, "We face a moral choice: are we going to abandon our most vulnerable, or will we, all of us together, care for them, protect them and give them a better chance at overcoming this crisis?"


COMIRE.DE filled the information gap for English- and French-speaking migrants and refugees in North Africa, providing a comprehensive and accessible collection of available information. The website tracked the evolution of COVID-19 in the region, official government decisions, support initiatives for migrants and refugees, and press coverage on relevant topics.


Imane and Leila highlighted the collaborative nature of COMIRE.DE, stating, "We are a link in this communication chain, working to make information more accessible to all those who need it." In addition to sharing critical information, COMIRE.DE spotlighted stories of hope, courage, and perseverance while highlighting instances of injustice, corruption, and fake news.


The success of the COMIRE.DE project showcases the impact of community-driven initiatives that support migrants and refugees, even without external funding. By providing accessible information, COMIRE.DE has demonstrated the value of solidarity and the power of collective action in times of crisis.

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