Media for Peace


How can the media be used for peace? Through an exhaustive and exciting process that we share with our partners. Drawing insights from different disciplines, we work cooperatively to instil values, strategies and actions which – through media – further the cause of peace in our communities.

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Our approach

We belief that local media initiatives, oriented towards human development and based on all-inclusive communal participation, foster mutual understanding and are a distinctive contribution to peace. These initiatives encourage open dialogue among all, through the exchange of information, experiences and opinions.

Therefore, Xchange Perspectives acts in different spheres related to the development of community-based and community-oriented media initiatives worldwide. Knowledge about the necessary skills and capacities is shared with interested individuals and social groups, with a particular interest allocated to those spheres requiring immediate action.

All actions and projects implemented by Xchange Perspectives have as a central and universal criterion the partnership with the people concerned, who shape the form and the content they want to communicate about. The goal is to foster a sense of process and result ownership in the people we partner with, who develop the solutions to particular issues of concern, and spread their productions to their communities and beyond. For this purpose Xchange Perspectives provides the following:




We support our partners by providing training in:

Journalism: Print-, Radio-, Video- and Photo-Journalism;
Music: Live Performance, Music Recording and Music-Video Production;
Film: Fictional and Documentary Film Production;
Theatre: Acting, Forum Theatre and Puppetry Drama;
Artwork: Drawings, Photography, and Print Material (Posters) Production.





We support our partners in the selection, procurement and installation of production and broadcasting equipment, as well as setting up production studios, radio stations, websites including social networks and other web integrated solutions.


Programmes and campaigns


We support our partners in the development, implementation and evaluation of their media projects, programmes and campaigns.





We document the initiatives and highlight the concerns of interested persons, groups, and organizations through various media types.