A day (and) after - reflections for peace


tl_files/media/Articles/Pictures/a_day_and_after.jpgThese thoughts were compiled by Dominik Lehnert in response to an invitation by AGdD (Foerderungswerk) to write an article for an issue of ‘TRANSFER’ entitled ‘CONFLICT TRANSFORMATION AND PEACEBUILDING’.


A shorter German version of this article was published in August 2009 in ‘TRANSFER 2/2009’.

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Prof. Scott: Media, Democracy and Development


Professor Paul Scott (European University Center for Peace Studies, Stadtschlaining, Austria / Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka, Japan) talks about the modern mainstream media and its correlation to democracy and development from a peace perspective.

Together with Prof. Johan Galtung he has co-authored the book 'Democracy, Peace & Development', published by theTranscend University Press (TUP). The video was produced by Xchange Perspectives.

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Aspirations for transcendence in Sudan


tl_files/media/Articles/Pictures/Aspirations_4_Transcendence_Sudan.jpgThese ideas were compiled by Leila Bendra and Dominik Lehnert in response to the ‘COMMUNIQUE’ of the Sudan Conference organized by Sudan Forum e.V., Church Development Service and Sudan Focal Point-Europe.


The conference was entitled ‘Visions of Transition 3: Transformation from War to Peace or Protection of Prejudices and Privileges?’ held from the 12th  to 14th of June 2009 in Hermannsburg, Germany.

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Aurora Afghanistan Project


This video gives a biref idea about the Aurora Afghanistan Project, an initiative by former and current EPU students. Xchange Perspectives carried out the production of this teaser...

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Capacities for peace media lecture


Building Capacity for Peace Media is an introduction on how to incorporate lessons learned from Peace and Conflict theory and Development theory into the field of communications through the informed use of appropriate media.


Our goal is for greater awareness on how to build capacity for peace and development through media.


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Israel and Palestinian voices for peace


A video documenting voices of protest against the escalation of violence in Gaza and for peaceful resolution to the conflict, at demonstrations in Munich in January 2009.
The video was produced by Xchange Perspectives for the Transcend Media Service (TMS).

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Media for Peace workshop Munich


tl_files/media/Articles/Pictures/Button_MPMWS_04.jpgThe MUNICH PEACE MEDIA WORKSHOP is a platform for people who want to have a hand in shaping the development of peace-informed communications.


The workshop examines the future of content delivery, especially for topics pertaining to peace and nonviolent resolution to conflict, to aid in the design of practical Peace Media...

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Our project for Peace Building


Based on the lecture of Prof. Jorgen Johansen in 'Peacebuilding - from the Local to the Global Level' this video highlights a project proposal, developed by EPU Students of Fall Term 2008, for Sri Lanka...

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A message about Jestina Mukoko


Langiwe Joyce Ngoma of Zimbabwe Peace Project speaks about the abduction of her director, Jestina Mukoko, in this call for peaceful resolutions to conflict.


The video was produced by Xchange Perspectives for the Transcend Media Service.


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An interview with Amy Goodman


TMS Peace Journalist Kimberlye Kowalczyk interviews Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! at the Tollwood Festival in Munich, Germany.

The video was produced by Xchange Perspectives for the Transcend Media Service.

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