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27.05.2010 by Dominik Lehnert

This movie gives a brief overview on the Rural Youth's Voices Project, a Community Based Youth Radio Station and Music Production Studio in Magwi, South Sudan.


This last production about the project pictures the different phases of the training in Media For Peace, Radio Journalism and Music Production that Xchange Perspectives carried out in Magwi, South Sudan in January and February 2010 in cooperation with the German Development Service, DED.

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The Radio Magwi FM 92.5 project report

23.04.2010 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/media/Articles/Pictures/Radio_Magwi_Logo_Small.jpgTo get a holistic and clear picture of the significance and role Radio Magwi FM 92.5 plays, this report will highlight different facets of the project from the general situation in Magwi County prior to the inception of the project, the various achievements and results, the resources invested, the different challenges faced all through the project and to finally future recommendations for the good continuation of Radio Magwi. >>> Download full Report

Particular appreciation and gratitude goes to DED for their commitment to the project, their high levels of cooperation, and especially to Ms. Beate Mueller Grunewald for her constant look out on the project’s good progression.

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23.04.2010 by Dominik Lehnert

In this music video, citizens from Magwi, encourage the people of Sudan to go vote peacefully and to contribute to a peaceful Sudan.


The video was produced by Xchange Perspectives in March 2010 for Media in Cooperation and Transition (MICT).

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Vote peacefully

19.04.2010 by Dominik Lehnert

In this advocacy film, citizens from Magwi, encourage the people of Sudan to go vote peacefully and to contribute to a peaceful Sudan.

The video was produced by Xchange Perspectives in March 2010 for Media in Cooperation and Transition (MICT).

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The 2010 CPA celebrations in Nimule

22.01.2010 by Dominik Lehnert

Thousands of Eastern Equatorians crowded Nimule to join in the belated commemoration of the CPAs fifth anniversary on the 19th of January 2010.

This great occasion was supported by many organizations including the German Development Service (DED). The film was produced by Xchange Perspectives.


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Radio for Peace project in Magwi

13.01.2010 by Frank Müller

Our crew is on the way to Magwi (South Sudan). Meanwhile, please check our facebook page for further information on the Youth Radio Magwi Project.

Through this project youth radio is once more becoming a tool to help resolve conflicts and build peace, by giving young people the chance and the means to communicate.

This project is implemented in cooperation with the German Development Service (DED).


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Media for Peace training in Yei

06.10.2009 by Frank Müller

The Media for Peace Training, conducted from the 14th to the 22nd of September 2009, was an advanced workshop for a group of pre-selected individuals (21) involved in media production in Southern Sudan.

This workshop was organized by AAH-I CAPOR ( and facilitated by Xchange Perspectives.

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Aspirations for transcendence in Sudan

22.07.2009 by admin

tl_files/media/Articles/Pictures/Aspirations_4_Transcendence_Sudan.jpgThese ideas were compiled by Leila Bendra and Dominik Lehnert in response to the ‘COMMUNIQUE’ of the Sudan Conference organized by Sudan Forum e.V., Church Development Service and Sudan Focal Point-Europe.


The conference was entitled ‘Visions of Transition 3: Transformation from War to Peace or Protection of Prejudices and Privileges?’ held from the 12th  to 14th of June 2009 in Hermannsburg, Germany.

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A gun in every home

20.06.2008 by Frank Müller

Southern Sudan is at peace, since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005. But for decades the people of Southern Sudan experienced armed conflict and they still suffer from its consequences, such as underdevelopment, large-scale displacement and continuing armed conflict at the community level. Today, more than three years after the signing of the CPA, one can more or less find “A GUN IN EVERY HOME”...


A film by Dominik Lehnert & Frank Müller
© Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) 2008

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Control guns

19.05.2008 by Frank Müller

This video, a call for action to the Sudanese Leaders, was produced by the participants of the BICC workshop on Small Arms and Light Weapons in Yei with the support of Xchange Perspectives.


It addresses the leaders of Southern Sudan to take action on the widespread of small arms and light weapons in the country.

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