“The Five” premiere


“The Five — Merry-Go-Round to Fantomia” is the title of a play by the theatre on stilts project Merula. “The Five” will premiere Saturday evening 08:00PM, August 2, 2014 at the Albanian League in Prizren, Kosovo.


PRIZREN - “The Five” is a play about five teenagers from Kosovo, who all have the same gift: They can foresee the future in their dreams! One night they see that the evil of their childhood is about to return — suppression, banishment and deportations are to happen again.

So all of them make their way to ‘Fantomia’, the realm of memories where war never never stops. Here ‘Mamumian’ is raging, a ghost that uses memories to mislead humans to do evil. “The Five” have to defeat him.

Many obstacles await them on their journey. To succeed, they first have to deal with their respective pasts…

Director: Peter Pruchniewitz | Playwright: Fjolla Hoxha

For more information about the Merula project please read: ‘We are about two metres tall’. The ‘Merula’ 2013 & 2014 projects have been realised through countless donations by individuals and the voluntary efforts of the participants and the project team. Therefore, Xchange Perspectives e.V. would like to thank everyone who supported and contributed to the project and hopefully will continue to do so. Thank you!

(Video & Editing: Miriam Hornung | Music: Jan Morgenstern from the Album “Big Buck Bunny”: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0, Available at: freemusicarchive.org)

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