Club Infantil - Nicaraguan kids in action


A future where we are all aware of the conditions of marginalized segments of society and their potential! For the past eighteen years, the Club Infantil in Jinotega, Nicaragua has been dedicating considerable time and effort working along the lines of this vision.


Producing socially and politically responsible media.



With direct and outspoken views on topics such as children and women’s rights, the Club makes a huge difference in Jinotega.

Xchange Perspectives supports
young people to share their
perspectives through various ways.
Club Infantil organized several political actions like demonstrations, discussions and charity events, all aimed to achieve this vision. As a result of this important work, Club Infantil has positively impacted the political and social consciousness in its areas of action.


How Does Club Infantil positively impact Jinotega? In addition to a profound basis of psychological and judicial support for aggrieved kids, youngsters and women, Club Infantil runs a radio station and a small TV production, which has earned broadcasting space in a national television station twice a month.

Thirty kids, coming from diverse difficult social backgrounds, produce journalistic pieces presenting critical views on their society and the problems they face in their everyday lives.

This approach presenting critical journalistic pieces and the awareness of media and its social impact goes hand in hand with the general vision of Media for Peace, the crucial building stone of Xchange Perspectives’s philosophy.

Xchange Perspectives' Kai
One member of Xchange Perspectives, Kai, worked for over three months on a voluntary basis with this amazing project, facilitating  journalistic trainings and workshops for the children of Jinotega.

This collaboration has opened the door for future cooperation between Club Infantil and Xchange Perspectives, through the implementation of other media projects in Jinotega, Nicargaua and Central America, challenging the present media landscape and offering peaceful alternatives.

Possible projects with Club Infantil are journalistic trainings on theoretical, practical and technical bases, production of documentaries and potentially a political Telenovela explaining the problems of the region, and offering peaceful solutions for the future.

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