Making their voices heard


"Let's participate actively with all our hearts. Life is more important than anything else. And life can only be in unity", Johnsonic sings for the whole Sudan to vote peacefully. This music video, produced by Xchange Perspectives for mict, brings in simple words what the elections meant to the people of Southern Sudan: Having their voices heard.


Watch the music video 'Let's go vote'.



Johnsonic and his friends during the music
video production.
An effective way to spread information in rural areas like Magwi County is through music. The three participants of the music production training in Magwi, conducted by Xchange Perspectives, learnt within five weeks about the entire music production process – from the development, the recording, the production to finally the mastering of songs.

At the beginning of the training, none of the participants had any experience in playing any instrument – instruments were simply not available in the conflict shaken region. To record music was almost impossible in South Sudan. Music production usually took place in a neighbouring country, Uganda, even though almost no one could afford the travel, not to mention renting a studio.

Today music can be recorded in Magwi. This is an important contribution to the cultural identity of the youth. Their songs are about a stable, prosperous and peaceful future. And it is this vision that musicians like Johnsonic want to disseminate through their music.

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