Xchange Perspectives e.V. Germany


Dominik Lehnert
Founder & Senior Advisor
In addition to being the developer of the Media for Peace framework, used in all the media initiatives supported by Xchange Perspectives, Dominik has to his account more than ten years expertise in developing and producing varieties of media formats and in international commercial and non-profit communications and campaigns. He has worked for over five years as a freelance consultant for international peace and development organizations in various countries. Dominik’s expertise covers as well the full range of project and programme development, implementation and evaluation. His strong and cross-cutting backgrounds in peace and conflict, media for change, business administration and journalism give him a well-rounded experience and capacity to lead Xchange Perspectives forward in its work for peace.



Frank Mueller
Founder & Senior Advisor

Since 1997, Frank has been involved in different aspect of movie production and his work has taken home to different parts of the globe. Throughout his work, Frank communicates the ideas presented by the people he partners with, and through his expertise, makes sure that the image is transmitted to portray exactitude and honesty. His work with Raumwandler and Xchange Perspectives has allowed Frank to explore new facets of his work, and thus uses his experience to convey messages of awareness and peace about issues of concern regionally and globally. From story development to filming to editing and teaching other people in this fields, Frank shows through his dedication a true commitment to his work and the people he engages with.




Leila Bendra
Managing Director
Interested in conceptual development and practical application of peace processes, Leila has spent the past three years investigating the potentialities of peace in the fields of education, gender and media. Her strong analytical skills allow her to grasp the multiple facets of conflicts and to communicate fitting all inclusive transformation processes. Her background in peace and conflict, communication, political science and international and human rights law in addition to her exposure to different cultural contexts around the world, enable her to grasp the intricate networks of interdependencies governing both local and global issues. Leila’s expertise ranges from proposal writing, editing and translation, management of external communications with all partners, to project and programme planning.



Monika Lehnert
Finance Director

Monika has been for long the reference of the XCP team for all sensitive issues encountered. Her keen sense and understanding of human beings, able to see beyond claims and opinions down to needs were cultivated through a long experience working as a nurse and social worker. Her advanced communication skills allow her to bridge divides, serving the vision and philosophy of XCP, bringing new positive streams of thoughts, always ready for an open exchange of ideas. Having been exposed to different cultures through out her working experience, Monika gives as well valuable advice on the particularities of each context. Her imagination and creativity have helped many times in reaching constructive solutions to work around some of the negatively perceived aspects of culture. With nascent interest in movie production, Monika serves as a strong pillar of the XCP team. 



Eva Gfirtner
Project Advisor
Eva joined Xchange Perspectives in 2010. For more than eleven years, she has been working as a documentary filmmaker for various German broadcasting stations. Her work allowed her to travel around the world, covering environmental political and cultural stories. Eva’s experience varies from writing storyboards and treatments, including production, organizing and planning, to directing film projects and editing and writing the comments. Her work for Xchange Perspectives combines both: Her professional knowledge of media and her dedication to issues of peace and conflict.






Kai Vosskaemper
Project Advisor
In addition to his profound theoretical media background, based on his studies in German literature, arts and media science and sociology, Kai has more than 10 years expertise in journalism and media production. His further work for environmental projects and campaigns broadened his experience concerning social and political issues and the different ways to overcome them through media and public-relations tools. Kai’s experience in social work with children and adolescents in the framework of critical journalism and peace journalism gives him a profound base for working in the media development field. His strong competencies enable him to connect the important theoretical backgrounds of journalism, media and peace theories with practical work making him a capable and valuable member of Xchange Perspectives.



Felix Remter
Board Member
Felix has been working in cinema as well as independent film productions for over six years. He has as well experience in all aspects of professional filmmaking, from story development, financing and production to sound mixing, editing and DVD-authoring. He has recently set his focus on furthering his knowledge and skills in the field of cinematography. Felix has been giving regular classes in video production to children, young adults and university students in Munich since 2009. He is as well pursuing a degree in anthropology, social sciences and intercultural communication with a focus on migration, media anthropology, cultural identity and conflict. Combining the knowledge gained from all these fields, he provides valuable contributions to the work of Xchange Perspectives and its projects worldwide.