Media for Peace workshop Munich


The MUNICH PEACE MEDIA WORKSHOP is a platform for people who want to have a hand in shaping the development of peace-informed communications. The workshop examines the future of content delivery, especially for topics pertaining to peace and nonviolent resolution to conflict, to aid in the design of practical Peace Media.

The MUNICH PEACE MEDIA WORKSHOP therefore brings together media users and producers, peace building and conflict prevention activists, representatives from the fields of media technology and public relations as well as artists to network and discuss the challenges and solutions for a more peaceful future.

After a brief introduction to Conflict & Peace Theory, the participants reflect about the important distinction between ‘war media’ and ‘peace media’. The former is driven by powerful private interests who view the media as a tool for advocating and sustaining violence. By contrast, the latter uses the lessons of Peace and Conflict Theory to analyze the root causes of violence and thereby propose viable nonviolent solutions to conflict.

‘Peace Media’ thus attempts to encourage a deeper understanding of the historical, socio-political and economic background of certain events. Its function is, in this sense, not simply to ‘inform’ but also to ‘educate people’.
The workshop was carried out by Xchange Perspectives & the Transcend Media Service.