Communications for unity - South Africa


Xchange Perspectives is to carry out the implementation of a Media for Peace project, the Comm-Unity-Project in Hanover Park, Cape Town, a township whose members suffer from a range of psychosocial and economic problems. Hanover Park is one of the communities most plagued with direct, cultural and structural violence. The project aims to inspire young people to respect themselves as well as others and to explore alternative paths of and for peace.


For the youth in Hanover Park, violence in all its forms is a daily reality.


Partner: Active School Initaitive / First Community Resource Centre
Funding: open
Implem.: open

The project aims at supporting the youth to acquire skills in media development and production and to have the necessary equipment for continuous unity based media production. The dissemination of these productions is to encourage an exchange of perspectives about the town’s issues, in a process aiming at developing durable peaceful solutions.