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Dedicated to spreading the voices of the Sudanese people from both the North and the South, 'sudan votes', a project by mict, trains journalists, publishes and disseminates their views about all events occurring inside Sudan. Xchange Perspectives has advised 'sudan votes' and linked up potential journalists and singers initially trained by XCP to join the 'sudan votes' team. 'Sudan votes' has now become a primary source of reliable information made in Sudan.


'Sudan votes music hopes' features on its tape Sister Dee, a singer trained by Xchange Perspectives.



Watch 'Kaju' by Sister Dee. The song and
music viceo was produced by XCP.
This is a crucial moment in the history of Sudan. The January 2011 referendum on secession of the South in accordance with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) is a defining chapter in the country's history. So are the planned referendum for the area of Abyei and the Popular Consulations for the other two Transitional Areas, Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile. Ravaged by decades of civil war, Africa's largest state - the size of Western Europe - faces tremendous challenges ahead.


Sudan encompasses a great richness in peoples, cultures, religions and languages. Rich in natural resources, the country is at a crossroads where all these riches can now be used for a brighter more prosperous future.


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Media in Cooperation and Transition (mict) believes that a vibrant democracy and freedom of speech are central pillars to make way for this brighter future. The 2010 general elections - although not free from difficulties - were one important step along this road.

While the international community points its spotlight on Sudan at this juncture, it is key that Sudan narrates its own future, whether that be through a single country or dual states.


The media in Sudan undoubtedly play a pivotal role in this process. Since 2009, 'sudan votes' has brought together around fifty journalists from different regions in the North and South. Through a mix of joint workshops and hands-on training, 'sudan votehelps improve journalistic standards for election and referendum coverage, promoting independent and high-quality tl_files/media/Articles/Pictures/Hanningtonbig.jpg
Hannington is one of the youth trained
by XCP in journalism. He is now an
excellent contributor to 'sudan votes'.
journalistic reports, in radio and print.

In the first period, 'sudan votes' reached more than 130 countries across the world, but with its main-stay readership in Sudan itself. All print stories and radio pieces are published locally in newspapers or on the radio while the 'sudan votes' website makes them available to an international readership.

'Sudan votes' is financed by the German Federal Foreign Office and produced by mict.


MICT - Media in Cooperation and Transition is a non-profit / media development organisation focusing on conflict prevention and media transition in the Middle East, North-East Africa, and Afghanistan.


MICT's activities comprise the training of journalists and media producers, consultancy for content development, production of radio programs, films and books as well as media monitoring and research. MICT is aiming to foster the transition of media-based practices towards pluralism and professionalism and encourage dialogue among conflicting fractions within society.


Since its foundation in 2004 MICT has implemented numerous media projects on political and cultural topics in cooperation with local journalists, artists and media producers. MICT has been active in Sudan since 2008, starting with an interactive online tool on the elections: