A gun in every home



Southern Sudan is at peace, since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005. But for decades the people of Southern Sudan experienced armed conflict and they still suffer from its consequences, such as underdevelopment, large-scale displacement and continuing armed conflict at the community level. Today, more than three years after the signing of the CPA, one can more or less find “A GUN IN EVERY HOME”.

Guns that came into circulation during the civil war are now contributing to violence at a local level. Conflicts that would have been fought using spears and sticks now have more deadly consequences. Those who wield the power are those who are best armed. “A GUN IN EVERY HOME” is a fifteen-minute film that examines the current situation of the population of Southern Sudan, which lives under the constant threat caused by small arms. The film’s story is primarily told through interviews, featuring memories and emotions of community members.

The film “A GUN IN EVERY HOME” poses some interesting questions. Can this young peace be sustained in Southern Sudan with a widespread of small arms? Do arms bring about security or do they rather contribute to insecurity? Should there be disarmament? And how could it be done in a way that makes people feel their security is guaranteed? What needs to be done to encourage civilians to give up their guns?


A film by Dominik Lehnert & Frank Müller
© Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) 2008